Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saving Seeds

Beautiful begonias blooming bountifully

Well, I've been collecting seeds from my garden and preparing them to save over the winter.  I've never been very good at growing plants inside - in fact, I'm downright terrible at it.  But hope reigns supreme and I'm going to save seeds to start late winter/early spring so that I can have more of my favorite perennials in the garden.  

I'm learning that it's very important to let the seeds dry completely before putting them in storage.  Moldy seed stuff is kinda gross!  But that's what this is all about -- learning something new.

I found a really neat idea on Pinterest for saving seeds in TicTac containers.  So I bought a bundle of mints and emptied them into snack size zipper bags where they will be used up just the same.   Then a little washi tape and label and look how fun and official they are. 

So on to a new adventure and I'll be honest and show how things go in a few months.  I'll save a few seeds for sprinkling outside in the garden just in case.

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