Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Turtle 'J'

The other day I found the first of this year's crop of turtles in the garden.  They're really hard to find since they are only slightly larger than a quarter.  Following up
on our alphabet naming system this one is 'J' until our granddaughters name her.  I brought her inside to take the pictures.  She's trying very hard to escape from saucer.  It's so much fun to find turtles and lizards in my garden.  And yes, eventually I'll have to share some of our herd with friends and neighbors.  But not yet!  Then it will have to be a joint decision between me and our girlies about who gets to move on to other pastures.


  1. Oh, wow! J is so beautiful. Is that a red ring on his back?

    1. It's the initial 'J'. I mark the turtles with red nail polish so that we can keep track of them!