Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saving Money

These days all of us are looking for ways to save our pennies.  One idea is to ask at local nurseries about 'distressed' plants.  Many of them have an area where they put plants that are nearly dead.  One of my favorite places to check is Lowes.  They have plants on clearance for 50% or more off the previous retail price.  I've gotten some real deals with plants that just need a little TLC.  Yesterday I saw a woman buying roses in 2 gallon containers for $5 each - and they looked fantastic!

Half flat of alyssum for $3

Today's Tip:
To rescue these sad things here's what I do: 
                Water thoroughly
                 Trim off spent blooms (this helps the plant put energy into                        roots instead of seeds)
                 Use some root stimulator to give it a boost
              Plant and water regularly for a few days
              Be patient and enjoy your thriftiness

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