Sunday, May 13, 2012

OK here goes!

Well, enough talking and delaying.  My first blog entry . I'm still working out details but here goes!

I love gardening, didn't always, but now it keeps me sane so I thought that I'd use this forum to share ideas and thoughts with you.  Especially since I can't do anything today.  Sunday is a day of rest although pulling the occasional weed and watering are allowed right?  Also, today is cloudy and windy so won't do any good to go outside.

Tomorrow morning, rain or shine, wind or still, I'll be doing my first lavender harvest of the year!  My house will smell wonderful.

My goal is to share tips and ideas about gardening and other stuff (sewing, crafting) when I can. If you have handy tips let me know and
they'll be posted, crediting you of course.  

 This is from last year - my first year lavender bed where a lawn used to be.  My hubbie realized that money could be made selling lavender and suggested that I take out a lawn and turn it into a lavender garden.  A few weeks later there was!  I now have about 90 lavender plants with a dozen or more different varieties.  Lots of wonderful scents.


  1. I will not offer any tips. Other than to say I will save up enough money to hire a gardener. Because you live too far away.

  2. Excited to read your blog and see your garden pictures.