Saturday, May 19, 2012

Before and Disaster?

Well I wish that I had paid more attention to pruning these shrubs six years ago.  This year it was time to face the beasts.  They looked great if you didn't go too close - then all the dead leaves and branches were really apparent.  Hard to believe that this monster was only 3 photinia shrubs.
So I got the clippers and the loppers and a saw and went to work. I filled up 2 large trash cans and about 5 large trash bags.  Hubbie came out to see what I was doing and asked if we were getting rid of the bushes.  'Of course not', was my indignant reply.  Our neighbor later asked me the same thing and doubt was planted in my overconfident brain.  Surely they will recover - I hope.  

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  1. It's always been our experience that bushes and trees LOVE a good trimming. We keep going in for the kill on ours and little by little they are becoming our vision.

    Pretty blog Sylvia! And fun to see what's going on over there! Btw, this is Shauna.